SCC 2014- My Variant finally back on the road

SCC, SCC 2014, Variant, Squareback, Type 3, VW, Volkswagen, Regattablau, Regatta Blue, L50F

I got it to pass through the Norwegian vehicle technical inspection the day before departure for SCC, 19 years and one day since it last was on the road with regular plates/legally. The 1000 km roundtrip to SCC went smoothly, the only problem I got was a water leak on the passenger side which presented itself during the 500 km drive home on Sunday in rain...

Regattablau, Regatta Blue, L50F, CSP Drehgasgestänge, 4X130 spacer

I did not buy very much at the swap meet, but I found one fender beading in my car's original color, Regattablau (1968 type 3 and Ghia only color!), and I got an ok deal on a CSP linkage kit for my Variant's new engine...

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