Pandora's box, VW type 3 rear inner wing...

I realised it was time to open the rear, right hand side Pandora's box on my Variant... When I took off the wing, this was what I found:


At the rear, water from the side air intake has probably been trapped, and it has been repaired with a bit of fibreglass.


At the front of the wheelarch there's more of the same. I have removed most of the fibreglass repair earlier.


This was how it looked after the waxoyl and dirt was removed. I have to fabricate quite a few panels to fix this, and I need to locate some good pictures to see how the lower rear part should look. Good thing Ultra VW recently had an article that dealt with type 3 rust repairs...

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i just had to make the very same work on my fastback! and it was "repaired" heavily with fiberglass too. i can send you some pictures if you're interested. greetings! jan

Posted by: jan | 02/10/2011

Hi Jan,

I guess there are quite a few type 3 people out there who have been through the same... Pictures would be great!

Regards Guttorm

Posted by: Guttorm | 02/10/2011

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